Phenomena, a technology and entertainment company is led by virtual reality and augmented reality pioneers Awane Jones, Bassil Silim Jones and Charles-Eliott Miran. The team has been developing mixed reality for the last 10 years. “Our goal is to create immersive experiences and products that leave a sense of wonder and awe for users.” says Awane jones CEO. 

 “The process of creation for us is to deeply immerse ourselves in a subject and then create something totally novel out of it” explains Bassil Silim Jones, creative director and co-founder who worked on 50 Shades of Grey Darker and The Mummy.

“Our intention is to create an economically viable and innovative entertainment destination where families and friends can build unforgettable memories” says Charles-Eliott Miran who orchestrated a long term partnership with Cominar. the largest real estate operators in Quebec, Canada.

Phenomena is currently being incubated at District 3 under the direction of Xavier-Henri Hervé.