Hitchwood entertainment

Hitchwood Entertainment is an entertainment group specialized in developing, producing and servicing high-quality film and television meaningful content for worldwide audiences through its four subsidiaries:

• A leading Quebec agency representing talent working behind the camera in film and television, the 20yr old Omada Agency Inc. is a prime source of talent, content and industry intelligence. 

• With its 100+ first class clients, Omada has been in constant expansion over the past three years as well as increasing its territorial reach.

• A developer and producer of, mainly, French-language content for the Quebec film and television markets, the 16yr old Solofims Inc. has established itself as a producer of high quality content.

• Its latest production, the Jesse Owens $30M feature biopic Race, was released by Focus in February 2016 on 2,500 screens in North America.

• Solofilms is currently working on the French-language adaptation of the Norwegian hit series Dag.

• A developer and producer of premium English content for global markets, start-up The Hitchwood Films Corporation Inc. has an extensive library of projects in development, using a content focused and sales driven Approach and Working with top talent Such as Director Ido Fluk (The Ticket, starring Dan Stevens And Malin Akerman) and Writer Christopher Browne (Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk).