Attraction Media inc.

Founded in the fall of 2002, Attraction Média is a company that operates in the entertainment and media industry. Thanks to its active implication within this industry and through various acquisitions, the company has succeeded in setting forth an innovative example by bringing together, under the same roof, leading companies active in advertising, television and film production.


Attraction Média’s strength resides in its capability to identify, attract and stimulate Talent, to create and own content that will be featured on different platforms while respecting the autonomy and identity of each company that is a member of the group.


Attraction Média currently owns four active businesses, including a renowned presence in advertising production through Jet Films (#1 in Quebec) and Films Traffik International (#3). The company also benefits from the same remarkable positioning in television and film production with Cirrus Communications (ranked #3 in Quebec and #14 in Canada) and Bubbles Télévision (created in 2005).